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From: Dustin Spicuzza <dustin.spicuzza@×××××.edu>
To: gentoo-portage-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] Additional information to output: emerge -pv
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 06:30:32
1 Hey,
3 I've been using Gentoo for a couple of years now... and portage was the
4 #1 reason I kept using Gentoo over other Linux distros... and why I'm
5 still using it.
7 Something that's always bugged me a lot is USE flags. Which, while I
8 think that they are one of the best things about portage, I think that
9 they are also one of the more annoying features as well... it can be
10 relatively annoying to configure it all up. Especially researching what
11 they are... yes, it just takes a little bit of effort to find them, but
12 why not make it slightly easier?
14 Anyways, I made a patch (against Portage, attached as
15 verbose_use_patch.tar) that adds the description of each USE flag to the
16 'emerge -pv <package>' command. The output for openoffice, for example,
17 looks something like this...
19 [ebuild N ] app-office/openoffice-1.1.4-r1 -curl -hardened -java
20 +kde -nptl +zlib 215,331 kB
21 * curl - Adds support for client-side URL transfer library
22 * hardened - activate default security enhancements for toolchain
23 (gcc, glibc, binutils)
24 * java - Adds support for Java
25 * kde - Adds support for kde-base/kde (K Desktop Enviroment)
26 * nptl - Enable support for Native POSIX Threads Library, the new
27 threading module (requires linux-2.6 or better usually)
28 * zlib - Adds support for zlib (de)compression
30 And, it does this for each package (only for verbose obviously) Its a
31 very small, non-invasive patch, and quite small (a routine in
32, and 5 lines of code in emerge).
34 I attached the patch here because I wasn't quite sure of the proper
35 procedure for patch submission... anyways, thanks for all your work!
36 Hopefully in the future I can contribute to this project.
38 Dustin Spicuzza


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