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Subject: [gentoo-pr] RE: Sterne & Co. LLC at LinuxWorld
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 07:06:50
If anyone goes to LinuxWorld in SF and wants to take this (if it is

      Sven Vermeulen

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Subject: RE: Sterne & Co. LLC at LinuxWorld
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August 2, 2005

TO: 		Gentoo Linux PR Dept.   
RE: 		LinuxWorld meeting with Paul Sterne
FROM:	Nicholas Herring 

To Whom It May Concern:

Paul Sterne is the CEO and founder of Sterne & Co. LLC, a corporate development advisory boutique
with headlining customers IBM, Suse Linux, OpenExchange, and Activcard. We are the sponsors of Open
reSource, a wiki about the open source market, trends and players (
 In June, Paul was named commercialization editor of Linux Magazine. In that role, he writes
articles about business models in the open source industry and talks about which ones are most

He would like to learn about your business, discuss trends you see in the market, 
and have a general discussion about which parts of your business model have proved to be the most
successful. He may or may not use information given in the Open reSource wiki or in respect to
LinuxWorld Magazine. 

Send me a quick email if you have time during LinuxWorld in San Francisco and I'll schedule a
meeting.  Paul will be available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during LinuxWorld.    


Nicholas Herring
Sterne & Co. LLC
	On behalf of
Paul L. Sterne
Sterne & Co. LLC
LinuxWorld Magazine Commercialization Editor


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