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From: Olivier Fisette <ribosome@g.o>
To: gentoo-pr@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-pr] Gentoo-centric Linux Identity magazine issue
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 22:41:00
Hi all,

With the Gentoo 2008.0 beta scheduled for 3 March [1], Sonny Gaviola [2] and I 
have exchanged mails to relaunch the project of a Gentoo-centric issue of the 
French version of the Linux Identity magazine [3]. This was discussed before 
[4] but put on hold when 2007.1 was cancelled.

To summarise, we are asked to produce a 36-page magazine issue presenting 
Gentoo Linux 2008.0. Suggested topics are:

1. Introduction/Editorial (1 page) and Table of Contents (1 page)
2. DVD contents description (2-4 pages)
        - DVD 1 - Bootable install disc, 32 bits version
        - DVD 2 - Bootable install disc, 64 bits version
3. Installing Gentoo 2008.0 (5-8 pages)
4. System Configuration (5-8 pages)
5. FAQ and where to find help (4-6 pages)
6. Three articles on practical topics (4-6 pages); examples: most interesting 
applications working under Gentoo 2008.0, tips and tricks, complementary 
software, desktop environments, keeping one's system up to date.

One page is roughly 4000 characters and 2 screen captures. Ideally, the 
material should be ready at about the same time as the official release of 
Gentoo 2008.0 (scheduled for 17 March), but delays of few weeks are 
acceptable. Financial compensation would be 30 USD per page (1080 USD for the 
whole issue).

I would appreciate if the PR team could help me publicise this and motivate 
developers to either write something or point me to existing material that we 
could use to base articles on. I can take care of translating English 
material and plan to write at least two articles, but I doubt I would be up 
to writing the whole thing all by myself. Also, is anyone from the PR team 
interested in contributing material?

Here are a few random article ideas:

- The Gentoo Linux Installer
- Using Portage
- Managing Web applications with webapp-config
- Configuring Java in Gentoo
- Using Portage overlays with layman
- Hard drive encryption using dm-crypt
- A review of music players available in Portage
- A review of desktop environments available in Portage

Kind regards,


[2] cooperation@××××××××.com

Olivier Fisette (ribosome)
Gentoo Linux Developer
Scientific applications


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