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From: Matthew Marchese <maffblaster@g.o>
To: gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-project] Technical consulting for Gentoo (bug 43477)
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:51:59
1 TL;DR: If you (as an individual) or a company you work for is interested
2 in providing some kind of technical consulting for Gentoo, add your
3 information to the table in the draft I created in my wiki space:
6 Eventually the draft document will be moved to Foundation namespace on
7 the wiki and will be maintained by a foundation member. Those who wish
8 to be added to the list will need to open a new discussion.
10 I reopened bug 43477; since it was dealing with exactly the same goal.
11 The process can be tracked there.
13 You might ask: why do we need something such as this? Can people use a
14 search engine?
16 Good question. Yes, our internal search has found about a dozen
17 different individual/consulting firms offering support, however finding
18 them was not as easy as it should be. Also, having a list on official
19 contact list on Gentoo infra makes corporations who are used to
20 Microsoft-like technical support feel better (really).
22 I work as an Operating System Engineer for a company that uses Gentoo.
23 Management has asked where they can contact/recruit technical support in
24 the event that I get hit by a bus. I've scanned all the Gentoo pages,
25 and after talking to a3li (our main webmaster), was directed a page that
26 was very much out of date. It seems the previous Consultants page was
27 not moved anywhere after wwwold.g.o when offline. This necessitated me
28 reopening that bug so that we can have a list.
30 If you or the company you work for is open to technical consulting I
31 hope to see your name added to the list.
33 Kind regards,
35 Matthew


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