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Subject: [gentoo-project] [project] Re: [RFC] some global useflags
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 11:55:31
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Ryan Hill wrote:
> Steve Long wrote: >> Ciaran McCreesh wrote: >> > Steve Long wrote: >> >> > Have a look at, for example, [1], where Mike already gave you an >> >> > answer one of the previous times we discussed it. >> >> > >> >> I'm aware of the prior discussion. >> >> Re-read it, and tell me what it breaks, if you can. >> > >> > Well, which part of the previous times it's been explained to you >> > didn't you understand? >> > >> No one has ever given me a technical reason. I thought you might have >> light to shed; clearly not. >> >> Please don't reply to my posts if you don't have any actual >> information to add; I realise you like long fruitless mail >> 'discussions', and apparently have lots of time for them, but I >> don't, and I don't enjoy reading them either. This kind of one-liner >> with zero content, and no intent but to insult, should simply be >> binned without sending imo. > > Okay, Steve, stop. I don't think you realize it, but you are trolling > this list.
That wasn't my intention; I added that comment simply to stop the flow of one-line emails.
> Every second post is you and Ciaran bitching at each other
I do wish one of you devs would pick him up on his behaviour _on the list_ one of these days.. instead it's _always_ me who gets the flak. Or do you think his post was anything other than a "one-liner with zero content, and no intent but to insult"?
> or you complaining about every single thing we do that you > don't personally like.
Not complaining, simply pointing out better ways to do things; a technical discussion iow. The reason that has been more difficult a discussion than it should be is because of the unpleasant comments from McCreesh, Ferdy and Leverton.
> We appreciate your input, but please respect our > right to do things the way we think is best for us, even if they aren't > aligned to your personal preferences. >
I was never under the impression that Gentoo devs would do anything other than whatever they wanted. Can you tell me what a 'server' USE flag _breaks_?


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