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Subject: [gentoo-project] On the way Devrel is constituted
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 20:18:57
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4 While I appreciate devrel being more active in serious situations (I
5 actually proposed that in another thread), I question the way Devrel
6 is constituted.
8 How was devrel formed? Who started it? What's the procedure of getting in?
10 I have no answer to the first two question, but the last question is
11 easy: It's like getting into any other project. Speak with them.
13 And that, is a serious problem. Devrel should not be a regular
14 project. It holds the power of conflict resolution and of disciplinary
15 action (and that is a lot of power). Why should anyone trust their
16 judgement? How can we prevent that people with good intents, but
17 without the required judgement and social skills, get into devrel?
18 Simple answer: we can't.
20 Who controls devrel?
21 Simple answer: no one.
22 The only thing that can stop devrel is the council, which has some
23 kind of veto right. But that is not enough to guarantee that an entity
24 with that kind of power/authority/responsibility consists of people
25 who are capable of that task.
26 It's a self-maintaining project without any logical connection between
27 the legitimation of the project and the legitimation of the members.
28 There is no rotation of members which is absolutely crucial for a
29 position like that.
31 What is a possible solution?
32 Let the council elect all members. That way the power still comes from
33 the dev community, although they do not vote devrel directly. The
34 council should vote anonymously, so that no connection between council
35 member and elected devrel member can be drawn which could otherwise
36 affect the election of the council.
37 This system should prevent people from thinking two steps ahead when
38 voting the council.
40 What does that solve?
41 An elected Devrel answers to the council and if someone abuses his
42 authority even in a minor way, it will not just be an internal project
43 thing, but council will have to kick that member.
44 Also, since this process is more democratic, it is more legitimate and
45 introduces some common sense and judgement about who actually is devrel.
47 Who controls the council?
48 Well, devrel not, but we do.
50 Power should always emerge from the bottom of a community.
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