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From: "Marcus D. Hanwell" <cryos@g.o>
To: gentoo-science@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-science] Gentoo scientific overlay
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 20:29:51
1 Hi Guys,
3 I just wanted to announce that I have set up an overlay for scientific
4 applications in Gentoo. This is something ribosome and I discussed quite some
5 time ago, and I recently set up an SVN repository and a trac site for it.
9 Our two herd testers and I have commit access to it right now. Any other
10 science herd members are welcome to accounts (please email me off list to get
11 it set up). It is in the early stages and so I am open to suggestions.
13 I was considering the possibility of using a repo specific keyword in ebuilds
14 such as ~sci so that any herd testers and/or users can add that to their
15 ACCEPT_KEYWORDS in /etc/make.conf (as well as maintaining normal keyword
16 practices). The intention is to add stuff to the repo for testing before it
17 is ready to go into portage. Some stuff that we just can't maintain for
18 whatever reason could possibly end up in their more permanently too.
20 It provides a great way to train herd testers in a safer (than the main
21 portage tree) repository and develop ebuilds more interactively. Once stuff
22 is moved into the portage tree it should of course be deleted from the
23 repository.
25 I would welcome any feedback you guys might have. It is pretty easy to check
26 out a copy of it and keep it up to date - I put instructions on the site. Be
27 warned that the ebuilds in the overlay will generally be more experimental
28 and may need work. Tickets can be opened for ebuilds in the overlay, but new
29 ebuilds and bugs on ebuilds in portage should still be reported in the normal
30 way through bugzilla. When ebuilds are added to the overlay the bug will have
31 a comment added with words to that effect.
33 Thanks,
35 Marcus


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