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From: "François Bissey" <fbissey@××××××××××××.nz>
To: gentoo-science@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-science] Future of the packaging of SuiteSparse
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2022 01:55:29
1 Hi all,
3 Upstream SuiteSparse has started to use cmake in earnest to configure
4 and install individual component. This currently in beta to which I have
5 given feedback.
7 There are several issue with suitesparse as it is. Right now we split it
8 using a script that I forked from an original work from bicatali
9 (Sebastien Fabbro).
10 The main issue is that upstream only release a meta package and we split
11 it. The version of the meta package and of suitesparseconfig increase
12 but for the other components some increase and some not.
13 Issues:
14 * on one occasion a package was changed without version bump
15 * version numbers of each packages are stored in two locations in most
16 of the packages. And occasionally they do not match, the higher one
17 should be kept but this is a pain in the automation.
19 With the current upstream packaging I'd rather move to using the
20 upstream meta package tarball for everything. Mainly because some
21 components are currently shared. Splitting would mean copying the
22 components as needed in individual packages.
23 Which also leaves us with the version numbering issue. Do we keep
24 individual versions or switch everything to the version number of the
25 meta package? The later is convenient and make sure the tarball has some
26 version relating tot he ebuild version number.
27 It is also a bit redundant for packages that don't evolve much.
29 But it is very convenient and I have used the later for my current
30 development.
32 Find$pkg.cmake files are shipped at install time, but not .pc files. The
33 current ones are produced by the splitting script.
34 I identified only one downstream package that uses the .pc files:
35 cvxopt. Removing the use of suitesparse .pc files in cvxopt is
36 straightforward and should lead to any issues as suitesparse doesn't put
37 anything in weird location of use sub folders that need to be known at
38 compile time.
40 I am very of the mind that we should stop the splitting. Versionning of
41 the individual packages is a bit in the air but following the meta
42 package versioning is the easiest maintenance wise.
44 Opinion, suggestions?
46 Cheers,
47 François


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