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From: Zhang Zongyu <zzy2529420793@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-soc@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-soc] Weekly Report: Big Data Infrastructure and Maven Overlay in Week 6
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2020 15:43:22
1 Hello,
3 This week I have made java-ebuilder accept "--binjar-uri" switch,
4 which will help us avoid circular deps. Also, It is helpful if we want
5 to compare the locally compiled jars and Maven Central distributed
6 jars. [1]
7 I have also patched java-pkg-simple to skip compiling source files if
8 USE="binary" is set.
10 One big progress is that I have managed to install
11 "org.apache.spark:spark-core_2.12:3.0.0-preview2". [2]
12 Most of the packages are compiled natively, while a few packages are
13 Maven Central distributed binary jars.
15 The reason why I have to install binaries varies. Here are the main reasons:
16 1. Maven central only distributes binary jars (even those jars are
17 named with a "sources" suffix). I will fix the problem by changing the
18 SRC_URI of a proper source code file next week.
19 2. The source code files are not written in Java. Some Jars contain
20 Ruby, Scala, Kotlin, or Lombok codes. [3] Maybe we should discuss how
21 to emerge those packages next week.
23 There are also other issues:
24 1. Netty is implemented by org.glassfish and com.sun, but they ended
25 up using the same artifactId. They now share the same package name. I
26 will rename them next week.
27 2. packages of javax.* and jakarta.*: I believe they should be merged
28 into java-virtuals/.
30 Next week, I will improve the quality of the overlay and submit some
31 up-to-date ebuild files.
32 The most urgent package should be netty-tcnative, because openssl has
33 changed a lot during these years and the current package cannot be
34 compiled now.
36 Regards,
37 Zhang Zongyu
39 [1] java-ebuilder
41 [2] the overlay
43 [3] an example artifact that contains Kotlin source codes