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Subject: [gentoo-sparc] QLA2xxx
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 18:26:07
I recently acquired a SunBlade 2000 Workstation. As neither I nor any the other admins are very familiar with Solaris, we are trying to put Gentoo/SPARC on the system. However, we have run into an issue with Gentoo 2007.0 as Linux won't find the SCSI hard drive that is attached via a QLA2xxx device - the only number I can get is ISP2200, so I suppose it is suppose to be the QLA2200 - so we can't even start the install, or get to a point where we can even try to compile the driver source.

I've noticed there were a number of issues with this card in the forums with kernels after 2.6.16. Has anyone found an answer? The 2007.0 ISOs seem to have the latest firmware from Qlogic, which I tried downloading to the system, but we continued to get the "NVRAM inconsistency" message.

I also noticed there is a newer edition of the qlogic firmware in portage. Does anyone know how I might be able to get the system to use the newer code? Will the 2008.0 ISOs use the new code? (If so, I'm sure I could wait for the 2008.0 SPARC image.)

Any pointers, etc. would be greatly appreciated.



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