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From: Paul Hartman <paul.hartman+gentoo@×××××.com>
To: Gentoo User <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: Strange keyboard problem
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 15:38:53
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Strange keyboard problem by Paul Hartman
1 On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Paul Hartman
2 <paul.hartman+gentoo@×××××.com> wrote:
3 > Hi,
4 >
5 > I have an ~amd64 laptop, running latest portage version of packages
6 > and kernel 3.7.2. It was set up with fbsplash and quiet boot, so I
7 > don't see any kernel/openrc messages, just the splash screen and
8 > progress bar prior to the X login screen. It is using radeon KMS
9 > driver.
10 >
11 > For the past few weeks I've had a strange problem: when I type things
12 > in Xorg, it also types them into the first text console! Imagine my
13 > surprise when I had been doing an emerge in Xfce's terminal and
14 > ctrl-alt-F1 and saw the same output and commands typed into the text
15 > console.
17 disabling all the *splash stuff fixed this and my XDM problem. Kernel
18 quiet mode works though OpenRC is still noisy, that's what I was
19 seeing before the splash screen came up. It didn't used to be that
20 way... For now I'll just live without splash and go back to good old
21 text and penguins for my bootup. :)