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Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: Kaspersky Rescue Disk
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 19:01:37
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1 Hi, Mick. Thanks for replying.
3 You wrote:
5 > Check and remove the updates file that KRD creates on your WinXP filesystem.
6 > After the scan is completed this is no longer needed and takes up space.
8 The KRD added a \Kaspersky Rescue Disk\ directory to C: on my hard drive that contains 58 subdirectories with 188Mb in over 100 different files. Can I delete the entire Kaspersky Rescue Disk directory after doingh a scan and rebooting into Windows?? If not, which subdirectories or files should I delete?
10 > Yes, you can add any applications you see fit, but the LiveCD/USB image will
11 > grow as a result.
13 There'd be no problem there, since I have around 3.5Gb free space on the flash drive. However, I've noticed that KRD doesn't save anything. None of my bookmarks or configuration changes remain when I re-boot into the KRD flash drive. Also, the /portage/ folders are empty and the <emerge> command is missing in BASH, and I believe these are necessary for adding applications (?).
15 The only things I've been able to save are text and htm files, because KRD puts them into folders outside the ISO and op sys folders.
17 Also, I saw a scrolling line during the KRD flash drive boot that says something like "liveusb is read-only". Maybe it's set up so that you can't change or add anything?
19 Any ideas on how I go about adding to the ISO, or to the op sys? For example, can I somehow change the "read only" status to rw? And would I have to change any of the boot files, like grub.exe, ldlinux.sys, and syslinux.cfg?
21 What do you think about the idea of re-formatting the flash drive and re-installing the Kaspersky rescueusb.iso using UNetbootin or another of the live USB installation programs that allow you to add persistence? Would that be a solution? Would KRD still function if I did that?
23 > . . . but if you want to install it permanently on the hard disk, you would be
24 > better off doing a proper installation by following the Gentoo Guide.
26 I think I'd rather keep WindowsXP on the hard drive and run a Linux distro like Gentoo from a USB flash drive. That has the advantage of keeping me operational if my hard drive becomes infected or otherwise unoperational. (Every one of my previous laptops has gone kaput because of hard drive failures.)
28 Maybe I'm just making trouble for myself. Since these 4Gb flash drives are now so cheap, perhaps the best thing to do is leave KRD the way it is and use another flash drive for a fully-functioning Linux distro. It seems a shame, though, not putting Gentoo on the KRD to better use.
30 Thanks for the URL. Trouble is, it's for building a live disk with Linux, and I've only got Windows on my hard drive.
32 Anyway, I hope you can help with the queries above.
34 Cheers!
36 Mike
38 P.S. I cc'd your email address because I'm reading the list from gmane, can't reply directly to posts, and wasn't sure my email to the list address would get into the same thread.


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