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From: Chen Yufei <cyfdecyf@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: pppd and adsl
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 05:40:31
1 First thanks!
3 As Mrugesh mentioned rp-pppoe-3.8, I took a look in the rp-pppoe
4 ebuild file and found this,
6 "Gentoo is moving toward common configuration file for all network
7 interfaces. Please use baselayout adsl module for configuring your
8 network using rp-pppoe or, better yet, use generic PPP support
9 available in baselayout-1.12."
11 I unemerged rp-pppoe and still succeed to connect. In fact I found
12 there is a file "" in the directory /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.3/ so
13 I think rp-pppe is not necessary for adsl connect.
15 In the ppp ebuild file,
17 "Pon, poff and plog scripts have been supplied for experienced users.
18 ... The old /etc/init.d/net.ppp0 script has gone! The new way of
19 handling PPP connections of any kind (PPPoE, PPPoA, etc) is through
20 the baselayout's pppd net module."
22 I've set the /etc/conf.d/net, but what is the new way to make PPP
23 connections up/off without pon/poff? pon/poff need to edit
24 /etc/ppp/peer/provider and this is not the "common configuration
25 file".
27 For Farhan's question, my situation is that I don't add eth0 and wlan0
28 to any run level, but they start up after my system starts up.
29 However, the start up message shows only lo is started. Though
30 confusing about this, it's Ok... I don't know if my situation has
31 something in common with yours.
33 --
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