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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Encrypted hard drives on LVM and urgent power shutdowns.
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 03:10:49
1 Howdy,
3 Last night we had some bad weather where I live and we ended up with
4 some power problems.  Ironically they went out a few hours after the
5 storm was gone.  Anyway.  I had all sorts of encrypted drives open.  My
6 usual drives inside my puter plus the large 14TB external backup drive
7 that is still copying files over.  Glad my UPS held up while I closed
8 all those drives and did a proper shutdown.  Doing all that tho, it made
9 me think about if I wasn't here to do all that.  Being Linux, I'd
10 suspect that upsmon would tell the puter to do a proper shutdown which
11 includes unmounting the file system, closing the encrypted drives, like
12 I do with cryptsetup close <name> etc and then shutting down.  However,
13 one has to ask, is it set up to do so by default?  I manage the
14 encrypted drives manually.  I don't use the crypt services for that like
15 people do when all of the system drive(s) is encrypted or when just
16 /home is encrypted.  My encrypted stuff is mounted within /home or for
17 the external backups, in /mnt.  Thing is, some aren't open unless I'm
18 using them or are external.  Since I do it manually, is there a tool
19 that sees they need unmounting and closing and does it or do I need to
20 do something to make sure it is done before a shutdown? 
22 I suspect this would happen on its own but I'd like to make sure.  I'd
23 hate to mess up the file system badly on any of my drives or in a worst
24 case scenario, brick a hard drive with some 1 in a million chance problem.
26 I thought about having a drive connected, open and mounted that I don't
27 really need and just do a shutdown, see what happens.  Then again, why
28 not ask and see if anyone else has had this happen and if things turned
29 out OK or if there was problems.  I'm lucky, most of the time I'm either
30 home or very close by.  Still, it can happen when I'm not here.  I
31 already wonder if upsmon will kick in correctly and do a proper
32 shutdown.  After all, it has never had to before.  I'm running on faith
33 that it will.  I hope I'm right. 
35 Thoughts?  Default will take care of things?  I need to take steps to be
36 sure in case I'm not here?  Personal experience?  A good theory?  ;-)
38 Thanks.
40 Dale
42 :-)  :-)