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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: browser advice
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:40:25
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Re: browser advice by 7v5w7go9ub0o <>
1 On Thursday 30 November 2006 00:46, 7v5w7go9ub0o wrote:
3 > > 1) This version of Opera really seems to struggle with "heavy" pages.
5 Opera takes a bit longer to load fonts other than the default fonts for your
6 set up. This happens to me when I come across pages with Chinese type of
7 characters. Once the fonts have been loaded the delay does not occur again
8 on the same session.
10 > > The whole app slows down, no response to clicks etc, until the page has
11 > > fully rendered. Example of affected page:
12 > >
13 > >
14 > > 2) Opera infrequently causes my system to hang completely. I can't ctrl
15 > > +alt+F1 to a terminal screen, I can ctrl+alt+backspace to kill X, I
16 > > can't do anything. It's a hard reboot of the box. Admittedly I'm
17 > > slightly impatient, but I give it 10 secs before hitting reset,
18 > > sometimes longer. I can't categorically state that it's Opera, but I've
19 > > a very strong suspicion. Especially given that I basically use an
20 > > xterm, sylpheed and opera 95% of the time.
22 Opera is usually quite light footed and performs well in resource constrained
23 systems - I've been using it on a 600Hz Pentium III with 125M RAM for years
24 and have even used it on a Pentium I, with 75M of RAM!!! The only time I had
25 Opera causing *system* crashes was when I had a faulty memory module on my
26 MoBo.
28 > > 3) Javascript seems fairly broken in Opera - but that could be my fault
29 > > for not setting something up properly.
30 >
31 > JS works great here - perhaps reemerge everything?
33 Ditto. Opera does not handle the JavaScript code that renders dhtml toolbars,
34 like certain online field editors use (e.g. the formatting toolbar that comes
35 up in the gmail composing page for html messages). There might be a couple
36 more, but not many.
38 > > 4) Some pages just don't render properly in Opera and I have occasion
39 > > to fall back to firefox. As another poster said, it's often badly
40 > > designed banking sites.
42 You need to try:
44 a) setting Referrer on;
45 b) changing the browser identification to M$IE6, or Mozilla to fool the
46 server - Opera will render fine most of M$IE 'optimised' non-standard
47 compliant code;
48 c) accept all cookies - banking sites in particular use a different to their
49 main page verifying server to store cookies from;
50 d) on Opera 9.02 you can set preferences with regards to browser
51 identification, Java & JavaScript, cookies, history, etc. preferences on a
52 website basis. Banks feed you a couple of web pages with cookies to test
53 your browser and settings before you arrive at the login page. You need to
54 hit stop in a timely fashion (before the cookie test errors out) and then
55 right click to change the particular page preferences as per a-c above.
57 If after all of the above the page still fails to render properly then the
58 problem is most likely Opera specific. The Opera forums and newsgroups can
59 offer a lot of help in resolving particular page rendering issues, either in
60 terms of browser settings or in terms of debugging html code.
62 > > 5) Overall though, IMO Opera is a nicer browser to use than firefox.
63 > > Tabbed browsing is implemented in a more effective fashion. Keyboard
64 > > shortcuts are lovely, eg F2 to bring a dialog for typing a URL, which
65 > > can be configured to fire up a new tab is very nice. Shift+F2 allows
66 > > you to have a one key shortcut for favourite bookmarks (again firing
67 > > up a new tab). Sidebar is far more effective in Opera. Obviously
68 > > personal preference, but I much prefer it.
70 I particularly like/use the save session feature (takes a snapshot of all your
71 open tabs/pages and settings for future use), page tiling, the FastForward
72 button to scroll through subsequent pages without having to return back to
73 the Home page of a website, the launch menu which allows you to continue from
74 your last session, etc. In mail client terms I like the self-learning spam
75 filter, powerful search, custom views (sort of folders/filters in other
76 clients) and in particular I like view mail messages in threaded view. I
77 wish I could find a way to make Kmail show mail messages in threaded view
78 like it does in Knode - any hints?
80 > IMHO, Opera loads MUCH faster, and surfs much faster as well. ALSO, it is
81 > easy to put Opera in a Chroot Jail; FF is a PITA to put into a jail.
83 chroot jail!?? Can you please share a link for this? Sounds interesting. :)
84 --
85 Regards,
86 Mick