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From: Steve <gentoo_sjh@×××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Web application for contact management...
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 12:09:32
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Web application for contact management... by Mick
1 Mick wrote:
2 > Ah, may have missed it in the original post that you want multi-client access.
3 >
4 Probably my fault... my post was mainly wild hand-waving hoping that
5 someone would guess what I meant. :)
6 >>>
7 >>>
8 >>> No idea if it's any good, though.
9 >>>
10 >> This is definitely looking as if it is heading in the right direction.
11 >> Features I hoped I would find, but seem to be missing are:
12 >>
13 >> * Tagging of contacts - something a bit like a taxonomy in Drupal....
14 >> So, for example, I could tag Fred Bloggs as having UK residency;
15 >> Occupation: Plumber - etc. and so that I could, at a later date search
16 >> my contacts for a UK resident Plumber. (OK, it's a contrived example,
17 >> but, hopefully, it illustrates the idea.)
18 >> * Flexible search for contacts... perhaps by name, perhaps by email
19 >> address; perhaps just search notes.
20 >> * Good support for multiple communications technologies... including
21 >> non-US addresses; skype - etc. :)
22 >> * Good support for ageing data on a field-by-field basis... by this I
23 >> mean that it is relevant, for example, when addresses were established,
24 >> because people move home...
25 >>
26 >> Many thanks for the suggestions so far - they've, at the very least,
27 >> helped me refine my ideas about what I want...
28 >>
29 > Have you looked at egroupware/phpgroupware and even open-exchange products?
30 > As long as you are happy to run a server at home and store your
31 > social/professional networking contacts into either mysql or LDAP, one of
32 > these front ends should do what you want.
33 >
34 No, I hadn't looked that these. I've messed about with Outlook on a
35 corporate exchange server - and it definitely wasn't what I want... it's
36 got a working address book - and it integrates (sort-of) with email -
37 but falls far short of what I require as an aide memoir about people
38 I've met... many of whom will have been introduced in person - not
39 online, by phone or email.
41 I think I'm going to dismiss open-exchange as pursuing the same
42 objectives as MS exchange (that's my current perception of it...)
43 leaving the other two systems - neither of which I'd discovered
44 previously. Both E-Groupware and PHPgroupware look like fantastic tools
45 - and E-Groupware looks especially slick. On the down-side, they both
46 seem to have relatively steep learning curves relative to my primary
47 objective... i.e. keeping notes about communications with infrequent
48 contracts... so, for example, if I were about to meet someone from Acme
49 Corp next week, and I remembered having met an Acme Corp director last
50 year (but had forgotten the date; where we met; and his name...) then
51 I'd want to be able to find this information from my contracts
52 management system. SimpleCustomer is heading in the right direction -
53 but I think its interface falls short of my requirements.
55 I suspect I need to play with those groupware systems... perhaps read a
56 book about them - if one has been written. I'm very happy to run my own
57 server at home - in fact, I'd be worried about doing it any other way...
58 I wouldn't want to risk contributing to a massive centralised database
59 of personal information... :)
61 Thanks, and - of course - I'm still interested in anecdotal hints/tips
62 from anyone who has attempted something similar.
64 Steve


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