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Subject: [gentoo-user] Dropbox, cli, and all that
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 04:13:03
1 I have recently discovered Dropbox as an interesting thing to
2 experiment with, not without its drawbacks, but interesting.
4 I have it running on a work Mac laptop and an Android phone, and it is
5 another interesting idea to put it on Linux. However, its downloads
6 are for Fedora and Ubuntu, or a source file which requires Nautilus.
7 Also, I don't want its daemon running constantly, altho that feature
8 is part of what makes it interesting wth the laptop and phone.
10 Searches bring up various pages, but nothing really promising, either
11 old or rather convulated or still using Mautilus. One involves a
12 python script which apparently runs the command over and over, each
13 time creating one more fake lib to make up for the Fedora/Ubunto ones
14 required. No thanks ... while an interesting hack, it's not my idea
15 of a way to the future :-)
18 So the question is ... does anyone have experience with Dropbox on
19 gentoo? My system is ~amd64, running fvwm when necessary, neither KDE
20 nor Gnome. I'd really like a command line program which I could run
21 for manual syncing.
23 --
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