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From: Adam Carter <adamcarter3@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] skylake and x265 movie display
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2019 23:57:41
1 My skylake (i3-6100U) system drops frames when watching x265 movies (in mpv
2 and kodi), with all cores at 100% CPU. I've re-run through
3 and tried changing from the intel driver
4 to modsetting, and it appears to use less CPU for x264 at least. Still
5 maxed out for x265 so I cant tell if there's a difference for that.
7 I'm going through the USE flags for kodi, mpv and ffmpeg, which flags are
8 the most important? Is there some way to run a simple movie playback
9 benchmark to assess the impact of changes?
11 Current settings;
12 CPU_FLAGS_X86="aes avx avx2 fma3 mmx mmxext sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2
13 ssse3 -3dnow -3dnowext -fma4 -xop"
15 ffmpeg USE: X alsa bzip2 encode gpl hardcoded-tables iconv libdrm mp3
16 network opengl openssl opus postproc pulseaudio sdl svg threads truetype
17 vaapi vorbis x264 xcb xvid zlib (-altivec) -amr -amrenc (-appkit) -bluray
18 -bs2b -cdio -chromaprint -chromium -codec2 -cpudetection -debug -doc -fdk
19 -flite -fontconfig -frei0r -fribidi -gcrypt -gme -gmp -gnutls -gsm
20 -iec61883 -ieee1394 -jack -jpeg2k -kvazaar -ladspa -libaom -libass -libcaca
21 -libilbc -libressl -librtmp -libsoxr -libv4l -libxml2 -lv2 -lzma
22 (-mipsdspr1) (-mipsdspr2) (-mipsfpu) (-mmal) -modplug -openal -opencl
23 -openh264 -oss -pic -rubberband -samba -snappy -speex -srt -ssh
24 -static-libs -test -theora -twolame -v4l -vdpau -vpx -wavpack -webp -x265
25 -zeromq -zimg -zvbi
27 mpv USE: X alsa cdda cli dvd egl iconv jpeg lcms libass lua luajit opengl
28 pulseaudio uchardet vaapi xv zlib (-aqua) -archive -bluray (-coreaudio)
29 -cplugins -cuda -doc -drm -dvb -gbm -jack -javascript -libcaca -libmpv
30 -openal -oss (-raspberry-pi) -rubberband -samba -sdl (-selinux) -test
31 -tools -v4l -vdpau -vulkan -wayland -zsh-completion
33 kodi USE: X alsa bluetooth css dbus dvd gles lcms opengl pulseaudio
34 (system-ffmpeg) systemd udev udisks upower vaapi xslt -airplay -bluray
35 -caps -cec -gbm -libressl -libusb -lirc -mariadb -mysql -nfs -samba -test
36 -upnp -vdpau -wayland -webserver -zeroconf


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Re: [gentoo-user] skylake and x265 movie display Daniel Frey <djqfrey@×××××.com>