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From: "András
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] KDE-4.2 problems
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 10:51:57
1 Hi all!
3 After few weeks suffer (under XP) I came back and I have few questions!
4 I installed kde-4.2 and this is love at first sight!
6 But - there is always an 'but'... ;) - k3b is depends on
7 kdelibs-3.5.x. Yesterday I wanted to update my system and kdelibs-4.x
8 and kdelibs-3.5.x are blocked package.
9 I installed kde-4.2 with kdeprefix USE flag.
11 Other hand the Openoffice with kde flag has dependency to kdelibs-3.5.x.
13 Other thing is powerdevil. This is an laptop (Dell Latitude e6400) and
14 with cpufrequtils I can manipulate (speedstep) the processors but
15 under KDE-4 I can't. I can't turn off one processor. I think
16 powerdevil can't communicate with something. The error message is
17 suggested few things and I did install these libs (libXext and one
18 more, I'm under Xp and I can't view)
19 Under XP I can choose many profile. With the hardest the laptop can
20 work almost 4 hours with batterys. Under Linux on 800Mhz (2
21 processors) the powertop say ~2.5 hours. I think this is more than big
22 difference.
24 I thought that I downgrade the system to kde-3.5 and I will make an
25 usable environment with compiz to work. With the kdeprefix use flag I
26 can manage kde-4.x tree too.
28 So there are my problems and I think I can manage (sometimes this time
29 is wasted time, but I like Iron Maiden very much ;) ). But I need
30 yours experience and suggestions, what do you do If you are in my
31 position?
33 Thank you for help and I'm sorry my english. I feel dizzy, I have flu.
35 András
37 --
38 - -
39 -- Csanyi Andras -- -- Sayusi Ando
40 -- "Bízzál Istenben és tartsd szárazon a puskaport!".-- Cromwell


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