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From: Dmitry Makovey <mldimon@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] KDE4+i945+kernel+external display = ?
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 05:31:49
1 Hi everybody,
3 I've got an interesting issue today which I half-resolved, but am still
4 wondering whether I missed something important or did something that'll
5 bite me in the end.
7 So here's short story: I've been running older kernel (2.6.22-gentoo-r9)
8 and KDE3 on my laptop(x86,i945) for quite some time. Now with recent
9 unmasking of KDE4 I went with the flow and "upgraded" my KDE3 to KDE4
10 (yep, I know it's still there, slotted etc., but that's not the point).
11 So, after "upgrade" I've noticed how painfully slow my KDE4 was. Now,
12 I've been running KDE4 on my home machine (amd64,nVidia) for quite some
13 time now (ever since 4.2.0) and never noticed such things (mind you -
14 it's running another rather dated kernel: 2.6.25-gentoo-r6), so I
15 started digging. Xorg gave me no real reason for worries other than some
16 complaints about DRI and the fact that "compatible" DRI would be part of
17 kernel-2.6.28+, but I have not enabled any of the "effects" yet! Well,
18 so I upgraded kernel, and... my X wouldn't start at all. Actually it did
19 start but my externally plugged LCD monitor won't show anything. Lid on
20 my Dell x420 laptop stays closed since I had trouble getting my
21 1920x1200 resolution on external LCD to cooperate with 1280x800 on
22 internal one. SysRq saved me trouble of hitting reset too many times. A
23 bit of digging on google brought me to this xorg.conf (probably
24 suboptimal as I was adding options and never retracting them looking for
25 the "right" combination):
27 Section "Device"
28 Identifier "Intel Corporation Mobile Integrated Graphics
29 Controller"
30 Driver "intel"
31 BusID "PCI:0:2:0"
32 Option "AccelMethod" "xaa"
33 Option "monitor-LVDS" "LVDS"
34 EndSection
36 Section "Device"
37 Identifier "Intel Corporation Mobile Integrated Graphics
38 Controller 2"
39 Driver "intel"
40 BusID "PCI:0:2:1"
41 Option "AccelMethod" "xaa"
42 Option "monitor-LVDS" "LVDS"
43 EndSection
45 Section "Extensions"
46 Option "Composite" "Enable"
47 EndSection
49 Section "Monitor"
50 Identifier "LVDS"
51 Option "Ignore" "True"
52 EndSection
54 Section "Module"
55 Load "dri"
56 EndSection
58 Section "ServerFlags"
59 Option "AIGLX"
60 EndSection
62 Section "DRI"
63 Group "video"
64 Mode 0660
65 EndSection
67 Section "Screen"
68 Identifier "Default"
69 Option "XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps" "true"
70 DefaultDepth 24
71 Subsection "Display"
72 Depth 16
73 Modes "1920x1200"
74 EndSubsection
75 Subsection "Display"
76 Depth 24
77 Modes "1920x1200"
78 EndSubsection
79 Subsection "Display"
80 Depth 32
81 Modes "1920x1200"
82 EndSubsection
83 EndSection
85 Some of it are hints from KDE folk, some came from other resources.
87 Not only that but I had recompiled my kernel quite a few times with
88 pretty much every possible options related to intel graphics on i945
89 chipsets until I hit the "right" one. So it's kind of working. BUT - now
90 every time I end KDE session instead of going back to KDM I'm being
91 dropped to VT7, closer examination shows that KDM is running, but I
92 can't get to it on any of the VTs. So I kill it and start again. And
93 KDE4 itself leaves quite a few artifacts on screen (not entirely sure if
94 it's related to a few effects I have enabled for usability's sake). KDE4
95 on my home machine haven't had any of those issues for quite some time
96 now (it's got different issues though ;) ).
98 Another annoyance is that with older kernel vesa framebuffer worked
99 perfectly fine (... video=vesafb:ywrap,mttr,1280x800-24@72 ...) and I
100 was able to have full-screen framebuffered text console with 1280x800
101 resolution on external LCD. Now I get some "viewport"-like console where
102 content is stuck in the upper-left corner (I assume it's resolution is
103 1280x800) but it didn't scale to full screen.
105 So my real question is: are there any specific guides I should've
106 followed instead of playing "hit-n-miss"? Did I miss something along the
107 way that produces KDM issues? Do I really have to have an xorg.conf only
108 to disable certain things? How do I deal with my framebuffer so that my
109 console looks bit more sane and utilizes all given real estate of 26"
110 monitor and not a mere 50% or so.
112 Sorry for bundling all those into one mail, but it kind of popped up
113 altogether so I felt bad about separating it :-D


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