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From: AG <computing.account@××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Basic queries regarding installation from an outsider looking in
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 11:01:50
1 Hi all
3 Thanks for the responses to my earlier query regarding co-location of
4 Debian and Gentoo on the same HDD.
6 I still have a few questions regarding an installation before I take the
7 plunge:
9 (1) Looking through the background docs, it occurs to me that if I
10 wanted to install Gentoo on my system, I would need access to a second
11 machine that is running all of the on-line docs that guide one through
12 the installation process. Is this correct? If not, how does one refer
13 to the (seemingly quite comprehensive) guidelines whilst in the middle
14 of an installation?
16 (2) When Gentoo installs its libraries, does this duplicate the
17 libraries already on my machine? For instance - if I have OOo and KDE
18 and Xfce4 loaded as part of my Debian Squeeze system, will Gentoo also
19 install its own version of OOo, KDE and Xfce4 alongside the Deb files?
20 I was thinking that this would have a number of implications in terms of
21 space and (potentially) in how the drive is partitioned for the Gentoo
22 installation ... unless I'm missing the point?
24 (3) What differences would I likely experience between running my
25 Debian installation and the Gentoo installation? After all, up to a
26 certain point GNU/Linux is GNU/Linux, and if I configured all the bells
27 and whistles the same way as I have currently got them set up (i.e.
28 preferred WM, desktop settings, applications, email and Net preferences,
29 etc.), I'm not sure there would be any ostensible distinction between
30 the two. Hence, my question refers really to the more subtle
31 differences between the two systems which one only picks up on after a
32 while of using it. For example, the last time I used Mandriva (when it
33 was still called Mandrake), it was chunky and locked down, a FOSS
34 version of Windows really, but the same applications were in use as were
35 on my ol' trusty workhorse Slackware 8.1 through 10.1. It was just in
36 the latter that nothing would happen in Slack without my having been
37 involved directly or indirectly in making it happen. I appreciate that
38 many distros tend to not have the bare bones approach that Slack does,
39 but this is really just to try to illustrate what I am getting at: the
40 subtleties experienced by a user of the system.
42 Any installation commitment will have to wait for a couple of weeks yet
43 though: I'm in the process of completing my MSc thesis and need to keep
44 a stable environment for the time being, so will look at taking this on
45 in a few weeks. This is thus background research - a bit of a
46 reconnaissance mission, so to speak. Any thoughts/ shared experiences
47 would be welcome ... unless there is another, more appropriate forum for
48 these kinds of experiences to be shared/ discussed.
50 Many thanks all.
52 Best wishes
54 AG