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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Removing or renaming old /boot/grub directory warning
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2022 06:37:03
1 Howdy,
3 I asked about this in a thread recently but can't find it now.  Not sure
4 why because it wasn't that long ago.  In that thread, I was asking about
5 deleting /boot/grub as it was used for the old grub, not the new and
6 improved monster sometimes referred to as grub2.  I think it was Neil
7 that suggested just renaming the directory to grub.old.  Thought that
8 was a reasonable suggestion so that's what I did.  Dang, Neil gives some
9 seriously good advice plus he has those nifty signature lines.  ;-)  I
10 had some kworker process that just wouldn't go away and was using a good
11 bit of CPU time for some reason.  I decided to reboot to reset that and
12 guess what, grub puked all over my keyboard about a missing file. 
13 Anyone care to guess where that file lives? 
15 TLDR, skip to last paragraph.  After the nasty puking job, I had a grub
16 rescue prompt.  No freaking clue what to do so out comes the cell phone
17 and a bit of googling.  Couldn't figure it out so I dug around and found
18 a old Knoppix DVD and used that to boot with.  I used the mv command to
19 rename the directory after starting lvm, mounting stuff etc etc.  I
20 wanted to reinstall grub but had issues using chroot.  Anyway, I
21 rebooted and grub worked. 
23 Of course, I recently updated to a new kernel, it got about 2 seconds
24 into the boot up and it puked on my keyboard with a panic.  Reboot again
25 and use previous kernel, anyone not understand why I keep backup
26 kernels?  ROFL  Now here's the kicker.  After getting booted up with the
27 previous kernel, screen 2 on my video card wouldn't work.  That's my TV
28 screen.  I ended up having to do a complete power off, what some call a
29 hard reset.  Rebooted witha working grub, a known good kernel, that can
30 find all the files it needs, and my second screen comes up. 
32 Should I reinstall grub after removing the old directory so it puts
33 things where it needs to be or what?  Or does a new install have that
34 old directory too?  While at it, is there something that can give me
35 better options in cases like this or do I need to stop renaming stuff?
37 The reason for the post is the above questions and this.  If you have a
38 old grub directory in /boot, do not delete or rename that until you know
39 grub has all the files it needs elsewhere.  It will get upset and it
40 won't do you any good either.  Right now, I don't have to wash my hair,
41 I can just polish my head.  I pulled out a lot of hair dealing with this
42 and I'd rather no one else had to. 
44 Dale
46 :-)  :-)
48 P. S.  Since my old system rescue CD didn't work, I think it's
49 scratched, I'm off to make some rescue options, sysrescue and Knoppix
50 too, just to be sure. 


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