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From: "Stefan G. Weichinger" <lists@×××××.at>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] resizing EFI partition, btrfs context
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2015 21:37:05
1 Hello, gentoo-users,
3 today I wanted to resize my EFI-partition sda1.
5 It was on my SSD which had roughly this layout:
7 sda1 300M EFI System
8 sda2 ~460G linux fs -> btrfs
9 sda3 ~4G swap
11 This is a dualboot setup with Gentoo and Fedora (in fact triple-boot as
12 there's some MS Windows 10 Pro on another disk, but anyway) and both
13 distros have their root-filesystems and stuff within the btrfs on sda2.
15 They even share stuff by mounting the same subvols here and there ...
16 nice, by the way.
18 My issue was and is: 300M gets tight when 2 distros install multiple
19 kernels into /boot ... so I would like to have around 500 megs to avoid
20 having to always manually clean up some kernel before upgrades run
21 through. comfort.
23 I ddrescued sda to a HDD for backups, then rebooted with gparted etc etc
25 long story short: it failed.
26 Right now I boot and run from that HDD with still 300M for EFI.
28 sidenote: how slow such a harddisk is ...
30 I'd like to move the full btrfs-structure to a slightly smaller
31 partition on the SSD (which should have that larger EFI-boot-partition)
32 and I would love to get some pointers on how to do that without having
33 any fs-UUIDs changed, and gummiboot complaining etc etc
35 For now I am tired and leave it like that for today (late here).
37 Thanks, Stefan


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