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Subject: [gentoo-user] Mount and write ntfs (natively)
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 04:12:07
1 I'm seeing stuff on line that indicates it is now possible to write to
2 ntfs formated disk from linux (at least semi-reliably).
4 I'd like to delete a few directories and files that the windows xp OS
5 sees as `system files' and will not allow them to be deleted.
7 They are duplicates of other system files but with differnt extension.
8 In this case *.windows. They are the result of doing a reinstall
9 without reformating the drive.
11 I'm pretty sure no harm will result by deleting them and it will make
12 things a little less of PITA when running windows for video related
13 work.
15 It's not worth going to extreme lengths to do this but if there is a
16 `knoppix' sort of distro out there with this ability, or I can do it
17 from my gentoo install or even a live gentoo disk, with out great
18 painfull striving, I'd like to try it.
20 Can anyone guide me on this?
22 --
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