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Subject: [gentoo-user] purchasing a dell laptop
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2015 19:17:01
1 I am seriously thinking of updating my dell 6430s laptop purchased 3
2 years ago. NYU has an arrangement with dell so that is the only maker
3 I am considering. This machine will be essentially gentoo only (I
4 configure my computers to dual boot some version of windows for ease
5 in dealing with dell support).
7 The hardest decision is size vs performance, but I know you can't help
8 with that. I have pretty much decided on the dell 7450. My questions
9 concern three options: Graphics, Wireless, Screen. But would appreciate
10 any other advice you have.
12 I will definitely get
13 * 16GB ram (2 x 8GB)
14 * 512GB solid state disk
15 * most powerful CPU compatible with the options chosen
17 1. Graphics.
18 I can afford a high-end graphics co-processor, but prefer the
19 software/administrative simplicity of intel graphics. I do not
20 play high speed games or otherwise run graphics intensive
21 applications. Am I correct in believing that Linux (the kernel)
22 supports (the dell option)
23 Intel Core i7-5600U Processor, UMA graphics, Smart Card
24 directly with no extra gentoo package needed?
26 2. Wireless.
28 My current home router/wireless-access-point (linksys WRT54G)
29 supports 10/100 wired and 802.11bg wireless. I have no problems
30 with this device or our home network, but I could upgrade to a
31 1-gigabit version if deemed important.
33 Currently I must install net-wireless/broadcom-sta. This has caused
34 no problems to date, but a wireless chip supported directly by linux
35 would be preferable.
37 I would appreciate help choosing among the following dell options
38 (the prices are about the same).
39 a. Intel Tri Band Wireless-AC 17265 802.11AC
40 Wi-Fi + Wi-Gig + BT 4.0 LE Wireless Card
41 b. Dell Wireless 1707 802.11n Single Band
42 Wi-Fi + BT 4.0LE Wireless Card
43 c. Dell Wireless 1560 (802.11ac 2x2, WiFi & BT)
44 d. Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 802.11AC
45 Wi-Fi + BT 4.0 LE Wireless Card (2X2)
47 3. Screen
48 I am only considering 1920x1080 (best available) with a camera.
49 a. "Touch" is available for $160.
50 Are touch screens supported on gentoo/gnome?
51 b. Some screens (including "touch") are "WiGig capable".
52 This requires option 2a above (Tri Band Wireless-AC).
53 Is WiGig valuable and is it easy to administer?
55 Thanks in advance,
56 allan


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