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From: Timur Aydin <ta@××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Weird hibernate problem
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 20:08:56
1 After corrupting my gentoo root filesystem system during hibernate
2 experiments, I have finally finished the reinstallation. But hibernate
3 still doesn't seem to work correctly. The symptoms are the same as
4 during the experiments leading to the root fs corruption, but this time
5 the root seems to remain intact.
7 Here is what happened during the first experiment. I had an 8G swap
8 partition as /dev/sda5 and a data partition as /dev/sda6. Thinking that
9 pm-hibernate requires a dedicated, separate partition, I backed up
10 /dev/sda6, turned off swap at /dev/sda5, deleted /dev/sda[56] and then
11 created /dev/sda5 (8G), /dev/sda6 (8G) and /dev/sda7 (remaining size)
12 Then I specified /dev/sda6 as the resume partition on the kernel command
13 line.
15 But when I did the pm-hibernate, the system powered off, and after
16 reboot, the system seemed to have restored itself to the state it was at
17 when I ran pm-hibernate. So it "seemed" to have worked, but the system
18 was strangely unstable. There were many filesystem errors in the root
19 partition and when I did a ps ax, I saw hundreds of kworker kernel
20 threads lingering around. It was as if the hibernate image was slightly
21 corrupted, but not enough to cause a complete lockup, but enough to
22 cause there strange symptoms.
24 I first thought this was related to using the swap partition as the
25 resume destination. But after reinstalling gentoo, I again used a
26 separate partition for hibernate, but I am still seeing the same
27 symtoms. Many kworker kernel threads are sleeping. But this time, the
28 root filesystem didn't have any error. Concerned that a filesystem
29 corruption is imminent, I immediately turned off power.
31 So, what could be causing these strange problems? Based on what I have
32 read so far, the resume partition needs to be an active swap partition.
33 This seems rather strange, because linux is using the swap partition for
34 memory management as well. So shouldn't these be well separated to
35 prevent corrupting each other?
37 Hope someone can help me make sense of all of this...
39 --
40 Timur


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