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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Hard drive screws
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2020 02:06:39
1 Howdy,
3 I know this sounds like a silly question and I never thought I would
4 have to ask such a basic question like this.  I bought a external hard
5 drive enclosure and was trying to install a hard drive I had laying
6 around.  The screws that come with the enclosure doesn't fit.  The
7 screws have a coarse thread and it seems the drive case has fine
8 threads.  It's the only screws that come with it so it has to be for
9 that purpose.  Anyway, I dug around my screw bin and found a few screws
10 that fit better but still not quite right.  I went to ebay and typed in
11 100 hard drive screws.  I want to buy a bag of them to have around when
12 I need them.  It's amazing what I got for results.  Some list a brand
13 they fit.  Some say laptop, few mention a desktop system.  Looking at
14 pics, some seem to be coarse thread, some sort of fine thread.  Some
15 standard, some metric.  Some are phillips head and some look like allen
16 type or star type heads.  I'm sitting here wondering, is this nuts or
17 what?  Pardon the pun there.  It's just crazy.  lol
19 Is there not a standard sized screw that should fit all 3.5" and even
20 2.5" drives??  Whether they are spinning rust, SSD or the outdated
21 floppy drives.  Are they THAT different or are the pictures misleading? 
22 If there is a standard or does WD take one size screw while Seagate
23 takes another and Toshiba yet another?  If someone has found a size that
24 fits them all, could you please share the sizes or a link so I can have
25 something to go by?  I already have a few hundred screws that don't
26 fit.  I really don't need yet another 100 to add to the don't fit
27 anything pile. 
29 What happened to the simple days where things would just fit like they
30 should??  ^_O
32 Thanks for any hints.
34 Dale
36 :-)  :-) 
38 P. S. The enclosure I got is a eSATA or USB type.  I use the eSATA
39 connector.  Found it on Amazon and it's a Rosewill.  The enclosure not
40 long ago was about $60 each.  I got two for $54 with free shipping.  It
41 has a temp controlled fan too.  I bought other USB only enclosures that
42 wasn't worth the shipping much less the cost of the item.  I think I had
43 one that worked fairly well but was really slow.  Maybe it was USB2 but
44 I suspect it was defaulting to USB1.  A few others failed after a short
45 time, I suspect USB issues myself.  I still need to run up on a good
46 deal on a PMR type 8TB drive, designed for 24/7 use.  I need to expand
47 /home.  It's at 70% right now.  o_O


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