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From: Philip Webb <purslow@××××××××.net>
To: Gentoo User <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] printing problems
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2015 00:08:25
1 I am trying to get printing to work properly in my recently built machine.
2 'hp-probe' identifies my printer as 'HP Deskjet 2510 series'.
3 When I print a text file from Gvim or a ps file from LO,
4 there are blank bands across the page, omitting lines or parts of letters.
6 I have managed to get Kwrite to print properly
7 via file -> print -> options -> layout -> schema :
8 when set to 'normal' 'KDE' 'Vim dark', everything comes out as it should
9 (there are some amusing color effects, but it's all there).
11 Alongside Gentoo, I installed Mint 17.2 (Xfce),
12 which started printing properly via Gedit + LO
13 after I set print quality to 'high' via the 'http://localhost:631' menu
14 (I didn't go back to test Gvim there, but assume it would work too).
15 Gedit has its own internal print-quality menu too.
17 I have compared /etc/hp/hplip.conf in Gentoo vs Mint :
18 the Gentoo version of Hplip is 3.14.10 , Mint has 3.15.2 ;
19 the Gentoo version of Cups is 2.0 , Mint has 1.7 ;
20 the Gentoo version of Hplip was built with 'foomatic-ppd-install=no',
21 the Mint version with '...=yes'.
23 I can contrive to print text + ps files easily
24 by copying them to an appropriate partition & rebooting into Mint,
25 but Gentoo is supposed to make these things easier, not more difficult.
27 Finally, I've never got the print icon in Gvim to work :
28 I use the 'prtdialog' plug-in, which prints, but only badly as above.
30 Can anyone offer advice or suggestions ?
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