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From: Michael Mair-Keimberger <m.mairkeimberger@×××××.com>
To: gentoo user mailing list <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] unable to compile kdelibs in arm chroot
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 20:11:15
Message-Id: 20150319201102.GA20100@asterix
1 Hi List,
3 For the last few weeks i was playing around with my newly acquired
4 raspberry pi 2. While it was pretty easy to setup a working gentoo
5 stage3 system i failed installing anything below the basic packages.
6 Generally my idea was building the arm packages on any system and
7 provide them as binary packages for other raspberry pi's (yeah, i
8 already bought my second rpi :D)
10 At first, my idea was to build all the packages directly on the rpi. (with
11 /var/tmp & /usr/portage on a external harddisk). However, the compile
12 times are worse than i expected so i abandoned the idea.
14 Next i've played around with crossdev. It sort of worked, but i never
15 could finish compiling xorg-server. (or basic system packages) Even
16 though i've started over and over with different settings, there were
17 always packages which failed to compile thus doesn't let me finish
18 xorg-server. I might look into it some other day but now i just wanted
19 something working.
21 Now i'm playing with using qemu-arm [1][2] in order to compile the
22 packages inside a chroot. This is - so far - the most promising method
23 building packages, even though the compile times are worse than with
24 crossdev, but still better than directly on the rpi.
26 So far i finally could compile xorg-server and also updated the whole
27 system, which, at this point, wasn't much anyway. My next goal was kde.
28 I've compiled about half of all packages which are required for
29 kdebase-meta, but now i'm stuck at kdelibs and i have no idea what's
30 wrong.
32 The problem:
34 The problem is, the compile doesn't fail - it just hangs/stops. At some
35 point (which seems to be random - it can stop anywhere between 1% and
36 100% of the compile) the compile stops and does nothing. I've waited
37 hours, but nothing happened.
38 So far i tried lots of things, for example:
39 * MAKEOPTS="-j1" and/or FEATURES="-sandbox"
40 * also tried without building binary packages (-buildpkg)
41 * /var/tmp on tmpfs
42 * using: ebuild /usr/portage/kde-base/..../kdelibs....ebuild compile
43 * using python3.3 instead of default 2.7
44 * moved it on a different system and tried building it there (again with
45 many different settings)
47 Nothing worked, even though the build moved until 100% two times (-_-)
49 I have no idea what the problem is. Even qtwebkit, which took way longer
50 to compile (about 3 hours) compiled on the first try. (which should
51 exclude temperate and/or resource problems)
52 I also don't think it's a problem with a use flag as the build stops
53 anywhere - i couldn't find a pattern. It seems to be completely random.
55 Any ideas whats wrong or how to fix this? Any help would be much
56 appreciated as i'm out of ideas :(
58 Thx
60 [1]
61 [2]
63 --
64 greetings
65 Michael


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