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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] How can I control size of /run (tmpfs)?
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 04:53:12
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] How can I control size of /run (tmpfs)? by Joshua Murphy
1 Joshua Murphy wrote:
3 > Well, given that it's there, it cleans up after itself, and it avoids
4 > issues in the instance where /var isn't available early on, is there
5 > much reason _not_ to link /var/run and /var/lock over to their
6 > respective equivalents on /run? And both with and without /var mounted
7 > (so they exist and are writable even if /var doesn't come up)? If I
8 > recall its purpose properly, /var exists to hold data that _needs_ to
9 > be writable in an actively running system, logs, lock files, caches,
10 > etc.. but as tmpfs didn't exist back when it was thought up, no
11 > separation was explicitly defined between persistent and
12 > non-persistent data. With /run around now, there's an explicitly
13 > defined lack of persistence that would suit /var/run and /var/lock
14 > rather well, since stale service pids, lock files, and the like can
15 > wreak havoc on an unplanned restart (which tends to be bad enough with
16 > the prospect of, say, a failed UPS as it is). Also, any
17 > inconsistencies in the above rambling curiosity (as well as the
18 > rambling itself, I should note) are the result of having been awake
19 > far too early for a Saturday, and still being awake for the start of
20 > Sunday, so apologies may be required on my part.
21 >
24 Well, I don't see why not. As you say, lack of a proper clean up after
25 a bad shutdown can cause problems. Anything in /run would disappear
26 after a shutdown, clean or not, since it is in tmpfs. It doesn't seem
27 to use much ram either. I really don't know of a reason why it couldn't
28 be set that way. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed tho. lol
30 As for one of us setting it to do that manually, I guess one could do
31 that. If I recall correctly, /var/lock is *supposed* to be cleaned up
32 when booting but that was a good long while ago. This may be something
33 the devs are already getting ready for. I get the feeling that they are
34 taking what I call baby steps. I noticed a upgrade to baselayout and I
35 think OpenRC as well not long ago. I'm not sure what decided to put
36 stuff in /run. I would think it would be one of those but it could be
37 some other package. I guess udev could be one that could have made it
38 as well. It does have a directory in there that has stuff in it. The
39 rest are empty.
41 I'd wait for a serious guru to reply before changing anything tho, just
42 to be safe. ;-)
44 You think being up late at night is bad. You should see me when my meds
45 are making me goofy. lol
47 Dale
49 :-) :-)
51 --
52 I am only responsible for what I said ... Not for what you understood or
53 how you interpreted my words!
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