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From: Grant <emailgrant@×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] {OT} hire a programmer or company?
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 06:24:54
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] {OT} hire a programmer or company? by Florian Philipp
1 >> I'm debating whether I should hire an expert programmer for $X/hour,
2 >> or a company of expert programmers for $2X/hour.  It makes sense from
3 >> a financial perspective to hire programmers directly, but I wonder if
4 >> there are benefits to hiring a really good company.
5 >>
6 >> I'm sorry this is OT, but I bet you guys have some seriously good
7 >> insight on this.
8 >>
9 >> Thanks,
10 >> Grant
11 >>
12 >
13 > For starters, you could give us a bit more insight into the kind of
14 > project we are talking about. What's the expected development effort,
15 > what are the services you pay for (binaries, source code, testing,
16 > maintenance, ...)?
18 The project is made up of various and ongoing scripting tasks for a
19 relatively complex website.
21 > Regarding programmer vs. company, I'd say it depends on what you expect
22 > and pay for. If you just want it coded, then the lone programmer is
23 > probably as good as the company (since programming itself doesn't really
24 > scale well with the number of devs).
26 That's a really good point.
28 > Extensive testing, on the other hand, is something a team should do.
29 > Sure, the lone programmer can write you some unit tests and conduct a
30 > system test, but testing itself is a profession of its own and should be
31 > done by a second person with the relevant training.
32 >
33 > But in the end, these issues a minor. It really boils down to whom you
34 > trust more. Ask for references, look at their previous work, talk to
35 > them, etc.
37 Can you tell me what sort of positive and negative things to watch out for?
39 > All things being equal, paying 1*x instead of 2*x gives you the chance
40 > to pay another 1*x to a second developer if things don't work out with
41 > the first one. ;-)
43 Once I need more than one developer (which could come sooner rather
44 than later due to the availability of these guys) am I likely to
45 struggle managing them? I've read a bit about "Agile" software
46 development and I plan to read a lot more. Is that the way to go?
48 Would hiring a company make management a non-issue from my perspective?
50 - Grant
52 > Regards,
53 > Florian Philipp


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