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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] myhostname and mydomain in /etc/postfix/ on a vhost
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 11:42:55
Message-Id: 7B97065F451A23458ED0C63B4CA5A2EA7C4A98@SRV-EXCHANGE.AUTOonline.local
1 > Your domain can be any one of your domains. Your hostname should not
2 > match anything in your virtual file. When you set your origin use the
3 > hostname and not the domain. That'll make things less likely to screw
4 up.
6 Couldn't I also omit the hostname or origin instead of it? And if not,
7 what would you propose as hostname? Something like "nohost" or does it
8 have to be a real hostname, which is mapped to my ip address or maybe my
9 ip address itself?
11 > <soapbox>
12 > That how-to you're following sucks unless you're dead set on giving
13 all
14 > accounts virtual mailman support. I can't say mine is written any
15 > better, but it will give you a much better system when you're done.
16 > Manually adding users via raw SQL will annoy you to no end after two
17 > weeks.
18 > http://gentoo-
19 >
21 dm
22 > in
24 Well, because of I'm not a mailhoster and need just a mailserver for the
25 web sites I administer completely by my own, it wouldn't be a problem to
26 administer the mail stuff directly in the database, but however
27 PostfixAdmin seems to be nice. But I think I can also set it up later,
28 after I followed the official Gentoo Virtual Mailhosting System with
29 Postfix Guide. Btw: Your howto mentions PostfixAdmin, but also doesn't
30 explains how to set it up. But however I will still read it,
31 nevertheless.
33 Regards
34 Sebastian
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