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From: Alan McKinnon <alan.mckinnon@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] kdepim-4.6.0 woes
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 14:38:46
Message-Id: 23809327.SlnL0qxDPW@nazgul
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] kdepim-4.6.0 woes by Alan McKinnon
1 On Wednesday 22 June 2011 14:16:05 Alan McKinnon wrote:
2 > A while ago I eventually got my contacts back. I forget the actual
3 > cause now, but I strongly suspect it involved tinkering with mysql,
4 > and this may have broken in turn my calendar.
5 >
6 > I'm going to do one last test before consigning kdepim to the
7 > trashbin: migrate everything to a new user and start with a default
8 > config. If it works, I can migrate the data at my leisure.
10 I swear, I am about to go postal and shoot someone. This issue with
11 the calendar not being visible is fixed.
13 Wanna know what it was?
15 Calendar -> Settings -> Sidebar lists 4 things
17 Show Date Navigator
18 Show To-do View
19 Show Item Viewer
20 Show Calendar Manager
22 That's weird, I see 4 ticks and 2 panes in the left sidebar. Let me
23 hover for just a second.... Oh look, I can drag this divider bar. And
24 fuck me sideways with a clue by 9 if I now don't see three calendar
25 resources (the same three I set up in System Settings) and none of
26 them have a tick. Tick all three. Oh but fuck me sideways again
27 there's all my calendar items. Right click -> Add and I can make new
28 ones. Double click an entry I can edit it.
30 This has been a huge issue for 4 months since the first semi-usable
31 kdepim betas were out. The default display after migration to kmail2
32 was to collapse the Manager and To-Do panes to 0 pixels as The To-Do
33 is positioned somewhere else in the kmail1 window layout and the
34 Manager pane does not exist.
36 Are there any visible clues in the divider to indicate the pane is
37 collapsed to 0 pixels? No of course not! Don't be silly now!! Offer
38 visible clues to the users? Surely you jest!!! Nonononono, we won't
39 colour a collapsed divider differently, WE WILL TAKE IT AWAY ENTIRELY
41 THERE'S SOMETHING ELSE THERE AND HIDDEN. But we will put a pretty
42 pulsating glowing blue border around remaining panes for your
43 enjoyment and delight when you hover over them?
45 And did I mention that there is zero clues whatsoever in the settings
46 dialog that these panes even exist at all? First page last tab is
47 "Calendars" (it duplicates SystemSettings). Something that would be
48 real nice right there is a column for Enabled/Disabled. Fancy that,
49 give the user an alternate way to see stuff that makes the thing cease
50 to work at all.
52 Sorry for the rant and language, this has beena major clusterfuck for
53 me. And where I come from, that kind of monumental cock-up in a QA'ed
54 release gets you fired. Or at least busted down to maintenance coder.
55 Grrrrrrr...
59 --
60 alan dot mckinnon at gmail dot com


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