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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] MySQL server hardware recommendation
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 19:01:11
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] MySQL server hardware recommendation by Frank Pikelner
1 Frank Pikelner wrote:
2 > I wanted to ask if anyone on the list is running a large MySQL database
3 > and for their server hardware recommendations. The servers are
4 > anticipated to have a DB of 10-20GB, with about 5000-10000 clients
5 > (automated). The database will be mostly used for updates to the data
6 > making up most of the operations. We are considering using Dual AMD
7 > Opteron processors and at a minimum of about 4GB memory (PC2700 or
8 > PC3200 - not sure if the extra bandwidth will add much performace). One
9 > of the items I'm debating is the type of RAID controller to use that is
10 > well supported under Gentoo. I'm also contemplating whether to consider
11 > a SATA2 or a SCSI subsystem.
12 >
13 > Just as a side not, I've always wondered the type of hardware used by
14 > Google as they have been very successful in using smaller inexpensive
15 > boxes according to the rumors that have circulated on the Internet.
16 >
17 > Any vendor recommendations would also be welcome.
19 I've been looking at a couple of the HP DL385 for a similar
20 application. It's fairly cost effective to toss 8 x 1GB sticks of RAM in
21 it though I think you can push them up to 32GB if you're willing to pay
22 for denser RAM. I'm still not certain what I plan to do for disk. Six
23 15k 36GB drive in RAID 10 would be fastest, but I think 3 or 4 disks in
24 RAID 5 will probably be what I go with.
25 HP offers the single core and dual core chips in that platform. I'm
26 thinking of sticking with the single core for the time being. Prices are
27 supposed to drop again on AMD chips next month so it might be worth your
28 time to wait a bit.
29 I've got a DL360 with a cpq smartarray raid card running Gentoo. It
30 works fine though the naming is a bit strange when you set it up. You
31 might want to check which card revision they're currently installing,
32 but I've had good luck with the smartarray cards and Linux over the years.
34 kashani
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