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From: Volker Armin Hemmann <volker.armin.hemmann@××××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] [OT] suggest not-net-hungry Linux
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 21:41:13
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] [OT] suggest not-net-hungry Linux by Andrew Gaydenko
1 On Friday 26 September 2008, Andrew Gaydenko wrote:
2 > No, no, no!... I was, is and am going to be on Gentoo. Just want to install
3 > Linux to my friend's PC. I can download installation CD iso (or two), but
4 > the main problem is, that PC during next few months will have dialup
5 > connection (33600) only. As a result, I need to choose Linux with minimal
6 > net traffic in mind (just security updates will be sufficient). There are
7 > no any special demands (OOo, images and PDF viewer, Firefox, Thunderbird
8 > and Krusader (or other two panel file manager) will be a sufficient apps
9 > set for beginning, + booting to level 5).
10 >
11 > Suggestions?
13 opensuse or slackware