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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Where be me icons?
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2018 10:33:21
Message-Id: 5923962.BZsmm25RKI@dell_xps
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Where be me icons? by Alan Grimes
On Sunday, 7 October 2018 04:56:07 BST Alan Grimes wrote:
> =\ > > Because each update basically rebuilds the same three or four > super-packages (libreoffice, chromium, the kde collection, etc) all of > which are version bumped every 12 milliseconds just to annoy ppl like > me, and because I had such a Good Time (tm) last SEVERAL times I tried > to update, I decided to put it off for six months....
On a stable install the annoyance is much reduced, to the point of being non- existent. Chromium and FF may ask to be updated once every 2-4 weeks. KDE/ Plasma once every 3-4 months. Yes, there may be the odd version bump here and there, but not often enough to cause a problem. On an ~arch you get what you asked for.
> Well later that day X'doze crashes after an uptime of about 30 days... > (So I updated, there were problems but nothing worse than par...) > > Also, I realize that Linux is going to go through a Dark Age and > probably be destroyed and re-built several times before emerging again > as a usable operating system, I am going to be climbing up from my > previous freeze at 4.15 to 4.18 which I will probably have to nurse > through 5-6 years of war and upheval... > > (I am currently on 4.16, will try to go to 4.17 at next boot...) > > The biggest problem I have right now is all the button-icons in fvwm > have gone poof. =( > > I didn't do anything that portage didn't demand I do... The window > manager is really not usable without those icons, I know some of them by > memory but a 3x3 matrix of blank buttons is not acceptable. > > The only two window managers available on gentoo, are twm -- which is > all you need as an emergency de-fsck tool and fvwm which will do 99% of > everything you actually need.
There are many more. Try: ls /usr/portage/x11-wm The icons problem you are mentioning is usually caused by a theme not being specified, or the one specified having components missing. I am not familiar with fvwm, but have a look at logs in e.g. ~/.xsession-errors to see what it can't find. -- Regards, Mick


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