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From: Collins Richey <crichey@×××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: amd64 installation questions
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 03:09:30
1 I'm coming into this discussion late. Saw your post of 7/17 on the
2 archives. Just in case no one has answwered your questions.
4 "I've been handed a new amd64 portable (HP-8000), which must keep
5 XP on it. To perform an installation, I usually use Partition
6 Magic, which has worked very well to down-size the windoze partition.
7 This system (suposedly) has another hidden partition that XP uses to
8 restore the OS, if the XP installation ever get's corrupted. NO XP
9 installation CD was provided.
11 I was wondering if any of the opensource repartitioning tools
12 have matured to the point I could used one of them in lieu
13 of Partition Magic?"
15 [ answer1 ]
17 I have found ntfsresize to be quite reliable even as long as two years
18 ago. It's tedious but reliable. With my new AMD64 PC, I cheated and
19 installed the Ubuntu 6.06 LTS AMD64 distro first, since this distro
20 has a very easy to use repartitioning tool (automatic tools wrapped
21 around ntfsresize).
24 "In order to keep the XP installation:
25 Does it matter if I setup Gentoo on the portable first, before going thru
26 all of those windoze installation/initialization menus? "
28 [ answer ]
30 In any dual boot setup, install Windows first. Windows always
31 overwrites the mbr, and you would lose the ability to boot Linux
32 (rescue cdrom needed). OTOH, if you have an actual Windows install CD,
33 you could use a rescue CD to partition the disk the way you like it in
34 advance. The Windows installer will ignore Linux and swap partitions.
37 "Any wiki examples (gotchas) on xorg.conf or make.conf (as this is my first
38 amd64 installation) are welcome."
40 [ answer ]
42 The only gotcha I found was with the xorg modular installation. After
43 completing the basic installation, I did an 'emerge xfce4' and let
44 portage calculate all the dependancies including xorg. When all was
45 said and done, I discovered that the automatic dependancy selection
46 had not included the keyboard and mouse modules for xorg, so I had to
47 emerge these manually.
49 Also I didn't have much sucess using 'X -configure'. I had to copy
50 over an existin xorg.conf and make modifications.
52 HTH,
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55 Collins Richey
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