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Subject: [gentoo-user] controlling xscreensaver throttle
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 01:23:20
1 I'm using a laptop, and I'd like xscreensaver to just display a blank
2 screen when running on battery power. The command
4 $ xscreensaver-command --throttle
6 does that (though AFAICT jwz hasn't documented --throttle and
7 --unthrottle). I use KDE (but not KDE's screensaver wrapper) and Xfce4,
8 and for them I've got a simple script that checks the power source and
9 sets the throttle accordingly whenever I use the icons or the keyboard
10 to lock the screen manually.
12 But when xscreensaver kicks in because of idle time, it's unthrottled
13 no matter the power source, and I can't find a way to control that. If
14 I could control this, I'd be happy. The stuff below about suspending is
15 less important to me.
17 I use suspend2 to suspend to HDD, and I want to lock the screen
18 when suspending. Using the LockXScreenSaver option in hibernate.conf
19 locks all X displays, but even if xscreensaver is throttled before
20 that, upon resume from suspend it's unthrottled. AFAICT, when
21 resuming, suspend2 actually restarts xscreensaver, so its state was
22 lost.
24 Alternatively, if don't use LockXScreenSaver but instead just have
25 the hibernate script call the script which sets the throttle state,
26 this works fine but only locks one screen. Usually that's ok, but
27 sometimes I have more than one X session active, and I'd like to lock
28 them all.
30 None of this is Gentoo-specific, so if you'd like to point me somewhere
31 else, feel free.
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