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Subject: [gentoo-user] kernel panick in 4.2.1 from gentoo-sources
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2015 20:13:12
1 Hi. I am getting some kind of kernel panick in 4.2.1 -- it boots up OK,
2 to a virtual console with a framebuffer, but after half a minute or so,
3 I get the kernel panick -- now nothing is preserved in the logs, so how
4 do I get any information about what happened -- serial console or other
5 means? Can I do a console over the network without additional hardware?
7 The reason I went with that kernel is because I want to try btrfs and
8 they develop fast, so it looked from Google searching that I should be
9 on 4.2 or thereabouts. The btrfs programs I emerged did say 4.2.
11 So, I would like to go on two paths at once -- find out about the
12 panick, and maybe go to a lower kernel as well, but I was concerned
13 about btrfs if I do that. I have not created the pool yet.
15 Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
17 --
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22 John Covici
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