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From: "Александр Тумаров" <alextai@×××××.ru>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] dhcpcd + bonding problem
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 08:05:15
Message-Id: 1397368.7Ygkzx8F6G@vmtai
1 Some time ago I upgraded openrc and dhcpcd, after this upgrade I face next
2 problem:
4 /etc/conf.d/net has next content
5 config_bond0="dhcp"
6 config_eth0="null"
7 slaves_eth0="eth0"
9 For some reason dhcpcd runs on both bond0 and eth0 assigning the same address
10 to both and of course I have double entries in routing table leading to
11 unusable network.
12 The only way to keep dhcpcd running on eth0 is to add denyinterfaces=eth* to
13 /etc/dhcpcd config.
15 dhcpcd does ethernet interfaces discovery and automatically run for any one of
16 them that has carrier. Should config_eth0="null" preventdhcpcd from dealing
17 with eth0?
18 Also additional observation: dhcpcd does not create /var/run/
19 The only thing that is created is /var/run/ (without iface name).
20 I do not know if this is important or not
21 Versions:
22 openrc is 0.11.8
23 dhcpcd is 5.6.4
25 So the question Is if this is expectable behaviour or is this a bug in
26 initialization system?
28 Best regards,
29 Alexander.


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