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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] OT: is your metadata safe?
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2015 19:23:12
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] OT: is your metadata safe? by James
1 On Thursday 04 Jun 2015 18:07:04 James wrote:
2 > Well, the "media" like to project that everything was fine, before Snowden
3 > did his thing. I, like many with deep roots in communications beyond TCP/IP
4 > have known better for a long time. I was perusing some published documents
5 > of an ILEC that wants me to do some work (a mesos cluster no less). Then I
6 > ran across this document, by accident [1].
8 As I understand it from a cursory look, this document explains how unbundling
9 can occur so that suppliers can provide internet services to consumers, using
10 a competitor's infrastructure. If anything, it tries to reverse the
11 oligopolistic cartel of ISPs that is so prevalent in the US among cable
12 providers.
15 > So now that my privacy of "phone records" has been wrestled from the hands
16 > of the NSA, and place with the Telco, conglomerates, boy why do I not feel
17 > safer? Congress has assured me that my personal data is now safe?
19 Due to a 40 year dogma of privatisation of public services, all this data was
20 always provided and managed by Telcos and private enterprises, on behalf of
21 the NSA. Who did you think Snowden was working for? So the latest provisions
22 pushed onto you by your government as something <aheam!> safer, can mean only
23 one thing: same men, different trousers. Carry on, as you were lads!
26 > "ICP" or Integrated Communications Provider is the jargon by which all
27 > attempts to keep our personal data, personal, are completely circumvented.
28 > Just read the patent, award makes not differnce, as these carrier databases
29 > have already been compile with numerous net data bases, so our privacy is
30 > already completely compromised.
32 This I think refers to cross charging and management of users accounts to
33 provide ease of transfer between providers (and therefore facilitate
34 competition and better end user services/prices). I haven't read it in depth,
35 but this is what a quick scan of it tells me.
38 > And folks in other countries, besides the good ole USA, your asses have
39 > been "owned" for even longer.....
41 Have you asked your senator how much $$$ is your government paying the secret
42 services of other governments to provide information on their own as well as
43 US citizens?
46 > So I suggest we call have a shot or 2 of Tequila this weekend, get naked,
47 > and party like you've got nothing left to hide; cause you don't!
49 I think that strong encryption with good RNGs still works, if Snowden is to be
50 believed. But ... I suspect this is only a matter of buying you some more
51 time.
54 > cheers mate!
55 >
56 > James
57 >
58 > [1]
60 --
61 Regards,
62 Mick


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