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Subject: RE: [gentoo-user] 2 to 3??
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 05:21:12
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8 > If you don't like the GPLv3, you probably didn't
9 > *really* like the GPLv2 and might be more interested
10 > in licensing anything you contribute under something
11 > like MIT/X11/BSD.
12 >
13 > Those licenses allow others to take your code, cripple
14 > it, and sell it to you (perhaps even on a device) for
15 > $100. Oh, and offer you an "upgrade" to (_the same device_
16 > running) your original code (which still has a few bugs, you
17 > might want a support contract) for $10000.
18 >
20 I can't agree with your statements here. Unless you have
21 no understanding of copyright law, you should realize that
22 YOUR code cannot be crippled regardless of the license that
23 you put it under.
25 The code that YOU write and release under an Open Source or
26 Free Software license will still be available under that
27 license even after someone else uses it in a project of their own.
29 If you use a license that allows for relicensing or closing
30 of the code and someone does so, then it only effects THEIR
31 Version of the code. Yours is still intact, and unharmed.
33 The MIT/BSD/etc licenses have the advantage that a person
34 can if they so desire CHOOSE whether or not they wish to
35 make THEIR code and modifications available. This is a choice.
37 Many of us WILL release our own code even under those terms,
38 but it is a choice to do so. I am not saying that the idea
39 of GPL is wrong. Different developers have different desires
40 for their code. I am simply saying that the Open Source route
41 is just as valid as the Free Software route.
43 As for selling it back to you. It is up to every person to
44 take measures to educate themselves on their purchases. It
45 is the responsibility of the vendor, license or no license
46 to make sure that the information is available for the
47 customer to make an educated decision.
49 As long as both hold up their part of the deal, things
50 go well. Both customers and merchants are just as bad
51 about not doing their part though. Merchants sometimes
52 lie about their products, or simply with hold the truth
53 (which is just as bad). Customers often buy things on
54 Impulse with no real clue what they are buying. If one
55 party to the transaction is taking measures to hold up
56 their side of this implied bargain, then they should be
57 able to expect the other side to as well. Failure to do
58 so often times ends up in the faithful party getting
59 screwed. This happens to venders as well as customers.
60 I will admit however, that in today's economy, it is often
61 the vender who has the upper hand.
63 Beyond that, always thinking in terms of worst case
64 scenerios may be good in war time, but otherwise it
65 will just give you ulcers. ^_^ So, like, pick your
66 favorite license, study what you buy before you buy,
67 and relax a bit. ^_^
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