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From: Florian Philipp <lists@××××××××××××××××××.net>
To: Gentoo User List <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] KDE ridiculous memory usage
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 14:46:28
Hi list!

I have a bit of a problem. I'm on KDE-4.4.5 and it eats memory for
breakfast. Directly after booting, everything is okay but the usage
grows significantly. I wonder whether this is expected behavior.

The following statistics have been taken after 8 days of uptime during
which the system was on standby most of the time during work days and at

free -m
             total  used  free  shared  buffers  cached
Mem:          3754  3588   165       0       57     258
-/+ buffers/cache:  3271   482
Swap:         6142   978  5163

A desktop machine that has 4GB RAM and still needs to swap?!

Excerpt from top:
1094m 484m  10m S    0 12.9  96:43.01 firefox
 932m 471m  15m S    0 12.6   5:10.20 akregator
 384m 303m 2856 S    0  8.1  59:43.43 virtuoso-t
 709m 282m 2936 S    0  7.5   0:40.51 nepomukservices
 839m 146m  15m S    0  3.9   8:37.76 thunderbird-bin
 191m 131m  532 S    0  3.5  12:30.73 dbus-daemon
 902m 105m 5288 S    0  2.8   0:30.16 krunner
 263m 105m 1724 S    0  2.8   2:31.18 squid
 255m  61m 6672 S    7  1.6 305:04.24 X
1106m  55m 7756 S    0  1.5   4:22.73 amarok
 534m  54m  10m S    0  1.5   2:33.94 kopete
 559m  52m 6536 S    0  1.4  56:52.37 nepomukservices
 718m  38m  12m S    4  1.0 143:36.62 plasma-desktop
 295m  33m 2048 S    0  0.9   1:59.32 mysqld
 360m  17m 1856 S    0  0.5   0:07.56 tomboy
 445m  16m 3392 S    0  0.4  38:54.36 nepomukservices
 365m  14m 6356 S    1  0.4  27:38.49 konsole
 438m  11m 4928 S    0  0.3   0:20.12 kded4
 508m  11m 6364 S    0  0.3   0:45.79 kwin

Okay, I'm used to Firefox taking much memory. I'm okay with that since
it's the most heavily used application currently running. But why does
Akregator need that much memory? It doesn't even have any tabs open at
the moment and is just running minimized in the background.

Virtuoso looks like an optional Soprano dependency which in turn is
needed for Nepomuk. Are the default use flags for dev-libs/soprano
suboptimal? What happens if I choose other flags for Soprano?

The rest of the list is a bit suspicious, as well. Especially DBus and
Kopete look like they live way beyond their means (or my means ;) ).

Do other users experience the same?

Thanks in advance!
Florian Philipp


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