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Subject: [gentoo-user] systemd mount - what on earth is it doing ...
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2021 19:25:59
1 This is weird ...
3 My /home directory is set up somewhat strangely, as in I've got two raw
4 partitions, I've put dm-integrity on them, raided them together, then
5 put lvm on top of that.
7 Which got me into a bind with fstab. I've created a systemd service,
8 which fires up dm-integrity on those two partitions. But I get the
9 impression it doesn't run until fstab completes. Catch-22 - fstab tries
10 to mount /home, but it can't until dm-integrity has made the volume appear!
12 So I created a systemd mount unit for /home, which only runs after
13 dm-integrity. Great - I enabled it and it appeared to work!
15 Only problem, startplasma-wayland now dumped me at a blank screen.
17 Now for the weirdo. I disabled it, thinking I would have to log in as
18 root, mount /home, and go from there. Except that, when I logged in,
19 /home was mounted and startplasma-wayland worked!
21 systemctl tells me mount.home is disabled, but also tells me that it ran
22 and mounted the drive.
24 So what on earth is going on, and more importantly, what am I
25 misunderstanding or doing wrong. I would very much like to know why it's
26 working, when I think it shouldn't be!
28 Cheers,
29 Wol


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