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Subject: Re: [gnap-dev] Meeting on monday
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 15:51:01
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In Reply to: [gnap-dev] Meeting on monday by Philipp Riegger
I dont have any problems in do it on any week day at 10 (UTC). 

what about the others? :)

PD: what is ultimate frisbie? play frisbie is not considerated an sport

El jue, 21-06-2007 a las 16:54 +0300, Philipp Riegger escribió:
> Hi! > > On mondays i have the possibility to have training matches in > ultimate frisbee, the sport i do. I cannot attend them at the moment > since they start at 2 PM (all times in UTC) and we have the meetings > at the same time. It would be nice to find another date for meetings, > but if that's not possible, i will also attend on mondays at 2 PM. > > On mondays i would have no time between 1 and 5 PM, any other time > would be possible. > > So... any comments on this? We can also discuss this next monday at > the usual time, this matches will be there all summer, so missing one > more is not that big deal. > > Thanks, > Philipp
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