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From: Blackace <blackace@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [www-redesign] Progress update
Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 04:29:13
On Wed, 2005-05-04 at 10:09 -0500, Grant Goodyear wrote:
> I actually like the author list at the top, but to make it reasonable it > would need to list the authors as > Joe Buck (Author), Homer Simpson (Editor), ... > instead of using one line per entry. Of course, I might change my mind > if I actually saw an example w/ the authors from the Handbook.
Well, here's the current list (which will likely grow with each revision)...let's see how it wraps just in an e-mail: Sven Vermeulen (Author), Daniel Robbins (Author), Chris Houser (Author), Jerry Alexandratos (Author), Seemant Kulleen (Gentoo x86 Developer), Tavis Ormandy (Gentoo Alpha Developer), Aron Griffis (Gentoo Alpha Developer), Jason Huebel (Gentoo AMD64 Developer), Guy Martin (Gentoo HPPA developer), Pieter Van den Abeele (Gentoo PPC developer), Joe Kallar (Gentoo SPARC developer), John P. Davis (Editor), Pierre-Henri Jondot (Editor), Eric Stockbridge (Editor), Rajiv Manglani (Editor), Jungmin Seo (Editor), Stoyan Zhekov (Editor), Jared Hudson (Editor), Colin Morey (Editor), Jorge Paulo (Editor), Carl Anderson (Editor), Jon Portnoy (Editor), Zack Gilburd (Editor), Jack Morgan (Editor), Benny Chuang (Editor), Erwin (Editor), Joshua Kinard (Editor), Tobias Scherbaum (Editor), Grant Goodyear (Reviewer), Gerald J. Normandin Jr. (Reviewer), Donnie Berkholz (Reviewer), Ken Nowack (Reviewer), Lars Weiler (Contributor) That's a lot'a names :)
> I agree about the e-mail link, but I rather like the drop-down bar where > it is, since it seems reasonable to me that the drop down be part of the > location bread-crumbs. *Shrug*
Well, part of this is how ugly it looks with a gray outline in that nice purple background, and part of it is how we need somewhere for subnav to go, by subnav I mean the "FAQ | Search | Memberlist | Usergroups | Statistics | Profile | You have no new messages | Log out" links the forum has and the links we'll need under each toplevel section of our site, say you click on "About" a minimum we need to link to philosophy and social contract from there...and all our toplevel apps could make use of this, bugs, packages, and archives for instance.
> I actually really like the code listings and the warnings. That said, I > don't at all like the vertical scroll bar on the code listings. (I > absolutely loathe the horizontal scroll bar, since it's extremely rare > that the 80-character limit for <pre></pre> blocks needs to be > violated, but that's a different issue.)
Well, the horizontal scroll bar is ok with me since it allows us to maintain the integrity of the design on the screen, but I don't understand what vertical scroll bars are being displayed there for...we should _never_ have vertical scroll bars, and only have horizontal scroll bars when the content is too wide for the display area.
> An example might be helpful.
See above, sorry :)
> So, how far are we from being able to process the whole doc tree to > create a full test version of the new site? I'd love to have a > not-published version on one of the infra boxes that we can use to > really get a feel for how navigation is going to work.
I can create xsl from Aaron's code in about an hour and I'm sure we can come up with a box to use for testing, I'd just need to talk to Ramereth. -- Blackace Gentoo Linux Infrastructure Developer


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