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From: Chris Gianelloni <wolf31o2@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Winex-cvs being removed from portage?
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:55:04
Message-Id: 1059134094.24531.27.camel@vertigo
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Winex-cvs being removed from portage? by Patrick Lauer
1 On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 05:49, Patrick Lauer wrote:
2 > > winex is not GPL, I believe it has a MIT-X license.
3 > Wine was under a BSD-style license until the Transgaming people started
4 > selling it without giving back to wine.
6 Actually, it was X11 licensed. They changed the licensing not because
7 of Gavriel and Transgaming at all, but because of Lindows. Go check the
8 wine-devel archives to find the discussions.
10 > Wine is now GPL afaik.
12 LGPL, but close enough.
14 > Why should these people get money for using technology provided by the
15 > wine project?
16 > I know this sounds a lot like a flame, but they took the years of work
17 > of the wine project, added some value and started selling it.
19 Because the old wine license allowed it? There is no other reason.
20 Your comments here *are* a flame. Followed immediately by a praising of
21 the almighty GPL...
23 > That's were Stallman and the GPL come in: The GPL keeps your work
24 > available for all. Other licences may be abused.
26 There is plenty of reason for other licenses, otherwise they would not
27 exist. For example, if I wanted to create an open source application,
28 yet also create a feature-enhanced binary only version, a BSD license
29 would be a perfect choice for me to select.
31 > It gives the community the patches made to wine. I dislike the
32 > whining of Transgaming because people use the product they got for free.
34 Transgaming is no longer simply issuing "patches made to wine", but
35 rather a quite changed product that was *derived* from wine. This is a
36 major distinction. Transgaming made a simple request. Nobody is
37 whining but you.
39 > If they want Gentoo not to use the anonymous CVS in an automated
40 > fashion, ok, but why do they offer it? So I can develop their product?
41 > wtf? That feels very wrong to me. Like Microsoft Shared Source: You
42 > patch, we own.
44 If it feels wrong to you, then don't use it. Don't develop for them.
45 It is that simple. Microsoft's shared source is a poor example for
46 obvious reasons. I'm not even going to say any more than that because I
47 feel strongly against feeding trolls.
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50 Chris Gianelloni
51 Developer, Gentoo Linux
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