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From: "Wulf C. Krueger" <philantrop@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] The KDE overlay moves forward
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 22:44:26
1 Hello, fellow devs!
3 As you might know, the Gentoo KDE project provides an overlay with KDE4
4 live ebuilds ("kde" in layman) and some of their dependencies.
6 For quite some time now, our progress has been impaired by the absence of
7 features like USE dependencies, ranged dependencies and suggested
8 dependencies.
10 Most of us who are working on the overlay have been using alternative
11 package managers (PM) for quite some time now. Thus, the idea arose to go
12 a step further and actually make good use of the capabilities they offer
13 us.
15 In the end, we chose to use Paludis and discussed the possibilities of a
16 new, stable EAPI for our overlay with Ciaran McCreesh who kindly agreed
17 to help us with that. (Thank you, Ciaran!)
19 Ciaran will submit a patch for PMS that enables the ability to
20 *optionally* build it with kdebuild-1 documented. Thus, we will support
21 any package manager that implements this EAPI.
23 This new EAPI, "kdebuild-1", consists of the following features (in
24 addition to EAPI 1):
26 - "-scm" support (GLEP 54)
27 - new .kdebuild-1 suffix (basically GLEP 55)
28 - USE dependencies, including some special operators
29 - ranged dependencies
30 - :* and := slot dependencies
31 - src_uri arrows
32 - src_test is now mandatory (unless RESTRICT'ed)
33 - no implicit mkdir for doins
34 - no dohtml, dohard and dosed.
35 - no old-style virtuals (i. e. no "PROVIDE")
36 - pkg_info on not installed packages
37 - src_uri labels
38 - PDEPEND "suggested:" label
40 You'll find all the details in the following local copy of PMS with the
41 kdebuild-1 patch applied:
43 For starters, we'll be using the new EAPI for live ebuilds (${PV}=-scm)
44 only, so that users of other PMs will be able to use the rest of the
45 overlay as before. That's exactly what the kdebuild-1 EAPI was designed
46 to allow for.
48 For users of the KDE overlay's live ebuilds the new EAPI currently means
49 they will have to use Paludis but there are rumours ;) other PMs are
50 interested as well. That's the main reason to optionally include it in
51 PMS.
53 For those of us working on the overlay this means we will be able to use
54 exciting new features and hopefully make our lives easier.
56 For Gentoo as a whole this means there's plenty of opportunity to try new
57 stuff and learn from the experiences.
59 --
60 Best regards, Wulf
61 (Gentoo KDE Project lead)


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