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From: Karl Trygve Kalleberg <karltk@×××××××.no>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Contribute many ebuilds at once
Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2002 10:40:07
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Contribute many ebuilds at once by Marko Mikulicic
1 On Sun, 9 Jun 2002, Marko Mikulicic wrote:
3 > I want just to avoid duplicate work, in case someone feels
4 > the need to use, say wmtop, and than wm*; sure they are
5 > nice apps to start understanding portage, because they are small,
6 > but if someone already did that three weeks ago without telling ....
7 > aargh :-)
9 Increasing the visibility of which ebuild submissions are in the pipe is
10 something we'd very much like to do. It is a fairly easy affair, and will
11 probably be handled in my proposition for a new ebuild submission system.
14 > I would like to help developing a flexible command line submission
15 > system. I'm interested in how are you currently organized, how and who
16 > read the "bug" submissions ...
18 Currently, we have a set (with cardinality of one) of bug wranglers
19 that traverse the list of incoming bugs periodically, then assign each bug
20 to a suitable developer.
22 Then each developer will traverse his bug list, picking out bugs in the
23 order of subjective importance, and commit fixes/updates to our CVS.
25 It is a simple, two-step procedure.
27 > Alternatively I could write a dummy client which connects to the
28 > bugzilla like a webbrowser and automates the submission.
30 The biggest problem for the maintainers is the varying quality of ebuilds.
31 Few, if any submissions are correct on the first go, and many of the
32 bugs/problems identified could be checked programmatically.
34 Submissions should then be run through a "screening" script that checks
35 for syntactic and semantic completeness, verifies dependencies,
36 well-formedness of ebuild, digest, changelog, etc.
38 If any of these tests fail, the submitter is notified, and no developers'
39 time is wasted needlessly until the ebuild script follows all the basic
40 guidelines and its sources actually compile.
42 > (I suppose there is not a secure straight connection to the bugzilla
43 > backend)
45 Not afaik, and it will not be a wise path at any rate.
47 > I see all this by a user perspective, not as a maintainer; so I would
48 > like to learn more.
50 That is excellent, because admittedly, some of us have lost some of that
51 perspective somewhere along the way.
54 Karl T


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