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From: John Nilsson <john@×××××××.nu>
To: Georgi Georgiev <chutz-dated-1063558331.1e801939c4ac@×××.net>
Cc: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Portage through SSH
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 18:14:35
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Portage through SSH by Georgi Georgiev
1 Some requirement thoughts:
2 A network of gentoo hosts should have only one portage processing server
3 and any number of installation leafs.
5 First of all portage needs to easily handle more than one installation.
6 Second the "leaf-installations" should have a very strict minimum
7 requiremnts.
8 Third redundancy is probably important. The information to restore a
9 lost "leaf" should be availible on booth the portage host and on the
10 leaf it self.
12 /John
14 Georgi Georgiev wrote:
16 > On 31/08/2003 at 17:15:02(+0200), John Nilsson used 2.0K just to say:
17 >
18 >>For me the problem is that the machines cant even run emerge sync, much
19 >>less search for deps and that kind of calculations. I want EVERYTHING
20 >>portage to be executed on one host (or with distcc a selected few) but
21 >>still be able to manage the software on the other hosts. Best would be
22 >>if I could uninstall portage from the other hosts completely.
23 >
24 >
25 > You can mount the remote filesystems over nfs and then set ROOT=/mnt/remote to
26 > make the portage on the original system install stuff on the remote one. This
27 > method also has its problems of course. Last time I tried it -- I had lots of
28 > trouble with for example mplayer autodetecting some libraries on the compiling
29 > computer that are not installed on the slow host that I was compiling for. Even
30 > emerge -p was failing because the version of glibc on the compiling system was
31 > older (only by a release) than the one on the remote system.
32 >
33 >
34 > Another thing I tried -- mount the remote filesystems with full permissions,
35 > chroot over there and start compiling. You may want to "mount -o bind
36 > /var/tmp/portage /mnt/remote/var/tmp/portage" and also do the same with
37 > /usr/portage. I of course assume that programs compiled on the slow machine
38 > would run on the fast one as well (and this is usually the case).
39 >
43 --
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